AutoCAD 2021 Must-Know’s: Draw a line

AutoCAD can be used to organize data of any type. A line is a data type. It is also a tool in AutoCAD that you cannot do without, especially when it comes to 2D drawing. Let’s learn the LINE command and then we will learn how to draw.

One line can be said to be universal because you will use it for construction and to locate your spot. You will also use lines to create many other ways to use them. A line is a combination of all points that lie between two points. This line is also very easy to draw in CAD . It can be drawn with two clicks of your mouse. Although a line can be drawn very easily, there are many different ways to do it.

AutoCAD Drawing Lines


The ribbon at the top of the home tab is the draw panel. Click on the icon to activate the line command. Follow your command prompts on your dynamic inputs, and on the command-line. They will show you what to do.


If you want to specify your LINE rather than picking any two points, then you may want to use the ORTHOGONAL command. By pressing F8, you can see ortho on/off written in the command line. This command allows you to draw orthogonal lines, i.e. LINES can be drawn vertically upward/downward, or horizontally to either the right/left. Clicking on the ortho icon on the status bar (the icon displays two lines at right angles) will allow you to toggle between ortho and normal mode. The inventor interface’s status bar can be found at the bottom of the screen. It contains a number of commands and settings that are easy to access.

It is possible to set your units according to your preference. This will speed up your drawing. As shown, set your units. We would now be drawing inches. You should now know the basics of conversions. 1 inch (written in 1″) = 25mm, 1 foot is written as 1′), and 12 inches are written as 12″. You might draw 20 feet, i.e. 20’*12″= 240″ When entering figures, you have the option to either do the math and write inches or input 20′. AutoCAD will recognize 20′ as 20 feet and do the math.

AutoCAD will recognize any specification that exceeds 50 feet 6 inches, such as 50 feet 6 inch. Draw a line that starts at the origin. Let’s erase the line already drawn. There are several ways to erase/delete data from AutoCAD. You can either LEFT CLICK on each object and press DELETE on your keyboard, or you can type in ERASE on your keyboard and press ENTER. The erase icon can be found on the ribbon under the modify tab. A group select can be done by clicking LEFT CLICK on a drawing area, and moving the mouse to the left over objects to be erased. LEFT CLICK again, and hit the DELETE key on your keyboard.