These are some fun birthday party games for kids that will keep them entertained

Birthday parties are a great place to enjoy cake and presents. It’s a tradition to play games at birthday parties, as well-games chosen by the birthday girl. Grapevine offers a range of Speurtocht which can be used conjunction with other concepts. There’s something for every person. There are treasure hunts that children will enjoy as well as quizzes and murder mysteries for adults. We also have special items for celebrations of the season like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or Summer.

Some games can be more trouble than they are fun, because there are so many details. We’ve compiled the following list, which includes some classics and new twists.

Here are our top ten birthday party games. We rank them according to ease and fun.

1. Musical chairs

This one brings joy and a little bit of competitiveness.

As music plays, children circle a group of chairs. But the catch is that each child has to find a seat faster than their peers. All children must find a place quickly when the music stops. The winner is the one who is still without a seat at the end. The next round is the same except that you must remove one chair from each child. Next, distribute the prizes!

Even better, you can trade your chairs for pillows on a ground, or have your children sit on the ground.

2. Duck Duck Goose

This is another old favourite. To escape the clutches the fox, you need to be agile and finesse!

Everyone sits in a circular formation on the ground, with their backs facing each other. These children are called the ducks. One person is chosen to be the fox. They pace around the circle tapping each other on the heads and then suddenly say “duck”. The “goose”, who must chase the “fox” around, must get up and run back to the seat where the “goose”. If the “fox”, the “goose”, or “fox,” gets there first then the “fox” will become the “fox.” If not, the “fox,” must attempt again.

3. Telephone

Are you ready for a good time?

All the children should be seated in a circle so that they aren’t able to hear each other. Ask the birthday girl to think of a sentence that she would like to share. It could be anything. She must then whisper it into the ear of the person to her right. The sentence can only be said once. The next person must then figure out the meaning of the sentence and relay it to the person in their immediate vicinity.

The message must be spoken loudly by the last person to hear it. Next, the birthday girl should repeat the original phrase loudly so that everyone can hear how absurd and ridiculous it was.

4. Simon Says

This birthday game is a great way to improve your kids’ listening skills.

The birthday girl is “Simon”, and all she says is hers. The command is initiated by her saying “Simon says …”” and all the children must follow her lead. She can’t say “Simon says …”” without directing the other children to perform it. Last kid standing wins!

5. Red Light, Green Light

Silence is welcome

Make sure that the children are in a straight line. Place the birthday girl at a distance from them, facing away. When she gives the green light, all children can run as fast as they can to her. They all have to stop when she says “red light”. Anybody who continues to go is out. She switches between red and green until she reaches someone. The winner is that person.

6. Bubble Wrap Race

This game is sure to make everyone laugh.

What are you looking for? You will need a large roll of bubble wrap. Spread a 5-foot section of the bubble wrap in an open area. Next, let the children cross the bubble wrap with their bare feet. The winner is the one who gets to the other side without popping any bubbles first!

You can even split up the kids into teams.

7. Scavenger Hunt

This game is loved by all ages.

This game can be played in two ways. First, draw a map of the route and show the children pictures of the clues. Each clue will lead to a reward or treasure.

A second option is for children to bring their digital cameras or cellphones and take photos of items or scenes from a list. The winner is the person who finds the most items on their list. Hunts can be held in a park or at home. Hunting lists can include items found in nature, food at the mall, or items that correspond to particular letters.

If they are at public places, you can send them off with a small group of children and an adult chaperone.

8. Mummy Wrap

What are you looking for? You will need lots of toilet paper.

Split the children into groups of two or three and ask them to choose a mummy from their group. Each group should be given a roll of toilet paper. To create their mummy, the group that uses all of the toilet paper first wins.

9. Balloon Dare

This fresh spin on “Truth or Dare”, will get kids excited.

The children should stand in an open space and move a balloon in the air while they listen to the music. The music stops and the balloon is popped by an adult. Before inflating a balloon, write dares on small pieces and place them inside.

You can keep the game going as long as there are enough dares and balloons.

10. Blindfolded Obstacle Course

After playing this game, the kids will fall asleep easily throughout the night.

You can either time each participant individually or make it a relay race. It’s possible to make it a relay race and have teams participate. Race in the park or in your backyard. At the end, give out prizes.