The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Surviving A Small Closet

For all of us New York City dwellers, it’s a well-known fact that finding an apartment with ample closet space is almost as difficult as finding a Chanel sample sale. It’s hard enough to find an apartment with enough room for you let alone your entire shoe collection—so getting creative is key. We rounded up the best organization ideas found on Pinterest (because, where else?) to help combat small closet and storage space. Below, the best interior tricks to try so that your entire wardrobe can live together in harmony.

1) Build a makeshift closet along the corners of a wall. Don’t have enough space inside your actual closet? Hang two rods underneath a floating shelf in the corner of a room for some extra hanging storage space.

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2) Give your shoe collection its own separate storage space. Keeping your shoes (and shoe racks) at the bottom of your closet creates a lot of unnecessary clutter. Give your heel collection their own space with a shoe shelf (bonus: it also doubles as a chic way to display your best pairs) or with a cabinet that conceals them all.

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3) Go digital. Channel your inner Cher Horowitz and take your closet organization digital with the help of an app like Stylebook so you can keep track of your closet inventory without pulling everything out all over the floor.

4) Build up. Stack dressers or shelving units vertically to optimize storage space without taking up too much room.

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5) Create your own DIY accessory storage. From excess pairs of sunglasses to scarves and necklaces, keep all your little baubles organized by stringing them on a display.

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6) Opt for a rolling rack. Never underestimate the power of a rolling rack—it comes in handy (and makes for a chic display) for all the clothing pieces and outwear that don’t fit into your closet.

7) Double up on hanging space. Add a second rod into your closet to allot for more hangers.