Five Common AC Problems (& Their Solutions)

Nothing is more frustrating than a non-working HVAC system on a hot day in Singapore. Your central air conditioner should be able to provide reliable cooling air, even during the hottest days of summer if it is maintained properly by a cooling system professional. How can you find out what’s causing your AC problems? Singapore aircon servicing is a Singapore-based aircon service provider that specializes in air Conditioning servicing and Aircon Installations in Singapore is a fantastic option.

Here are five common problems that can be caused by an AC unit failure that we receive a lot of calls about at Aircon Man Service. We also have the AC repair information that you will likely need.

1. Your AC is not working properly

If your AC doesn’t start at all, it is a sign of trouble. It’s important to check everything before you jump to conclusions.

Are your thermostat’s batteries dead?

Are the thermostat settings correct? Is the thermostat set to “cool” or is it set to “cool?”

Are you sure that the circuit breaker is working properly? The circuit breaker may have tripped, and it will need to be reset.

If these solutions fail to work, it is possible that your AC has loose wiring.

2. Your AC Is Making Strange Noises

Air conditioners can make many different noises than they should, which can indicate a problem. These are the most common noises you will hear:

  • Hissing is often a sign of a refrigerant leak.
  • Grinding (often motor failure)
  • Squealing (often a belt issue).
  • Clicking is a common problem with AC fans
  • No matter what kind of noise it may be, if you hear strange sounds coming from your AC don’t ignore them!

3. A Leaky AC is a Sign of Trouble

A clogged condensate pipe is the most common reason your AC unit leaks fluid. It can cause mold growth and unpleasant odors in your house. This is why you should call an HVAC professional immediately if you notice a leak.

4. When the AC is running, there’s weak air flow

Are you not getting as much air out of your vents when the AC is on? When was the most recent time your air filters were changed? Your indoor air quality is protected by air filters that keep dust and other particles from entering your ductwork. They should be replaced regularly. They can collect dirt and dust that could reduce the airflow through your ductwork and make it harder to cool your home.

It is easy enough to change your air filters. However, any HVAC professional who is qualified will inspect and replace your filters during a tune-up or maintenance visit.

5. Your AC is blowing warm air

Warm air can be another sign your air filters need cleaning. A reduced airflow can cause frozen evaporator coils which will prevent your AC from effectively removing heat from your home.

Your refrigerant levels could be low even if your filters are clean. An HVAC professional can identify the leak and replenish your refrigerant at the appropriate levels.