Magic Tricks For An Instant Beauty Upgrade

Having a busy lifestyle does not have to take a toll on your appearance. Looking put together on even the busiest day can happen with a swift wave of a style wand. Taking your style from drab to fab can be as simple as abra-cadabra. These tricks are so easy, they may seem like magic.  Cast a spell with glamorous looks and have everyone wondering how you did it.  The following products should be in your bag of tricks.  Effortless style can have magical effects for anyone who chooses to execute these style spells.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a trick that many use to achieve the looks they desire. Clip-in hair extensions are a great investment to get a fabulous hairstyle affordably. There are multiple ways to use extensions to your advantage.  For an updo, add them for a sleek ponytail or extra length. This is perfect for upscale and after-five events such as weddings and company parties, especially when there is no time to see your hairstylist. These hair extensions can be used everyday for a boost in volume and body.

Clear Mascara And Eyebrow Gel

When there is no time to see your esthetician to get your brows tamed, things can get bushy very quickly. Don’t let untamed hairs overshadow your outfit or beauty look.  Use the clear mascara to tame the hairs. The spooly on the tip of the mascara brush will brush the hairs in the same direction and the eyebrow gel will set them in place. Instant groomed brow, no wax, thread or cream required.

Setting Spray

A setting spray will be your new best friend. Setting spray, sometimes called a finishing spray, is a great elixir for girls on the go. If you have a long day at work, directly followed by several events, setting spray will be your new spell for victory. After applying your makeup in the morning, directly follow with a setting spray. The spray will keep your makeup in place for the duration of the day and throughout the night. That fresh morning look will last as long as you need it.


False eyelashes are a magical way to awaken your face and add a touch of glitz and glam to the most casual look. Worried that the exhaustion you feel may translate into your face?  False eyelashes are the spell you need. Keep a pair of falsies in your beauty kit, they can cast away sleepy eyes.

My name is Christopher Guest and I write for The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.