5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing an Aircon

When installing an outdoor air conditioner, people usually prefer to place it in an outdoor safe and easy-to-access place. However, for residential spaces such as apartments and HDB units, air-edges should used to install air conditioners. If you need information , please visit Mastercool Singapore Aircon Servicing.

Unless your entire air-conditioning unit is built in a special shelter, the outdoor unit of the residence or office in the office is placed on a ledge suspended by a metal pole. The Singapore government mandates the installation of HDB vents to ensure the protection of the most important components of the air conditioner.

In this article, we will show you 5 common mistakes you should avoid when installing an air fence.

  1. Choose the wrong material for your air railing

There are many options for air conditioning accessories in the Singapore market, including vents. Standard fixtures are made of a variety of materials, and some materials are not as ideal as others. This is why it is so important to only use high-quality railings so as not to affect the safety and performance of the equipment.

When choosing a railing, make sure it is made of strong and durable stainless steel. Choosing a railing with this function will ensure that it can support the air conditioner regardless of its size and weight, and rust resistance is important for extending the life of the protective device itself. 

  1. Incorrect measurement of airspace measurements

Another common mistake most people make is not measuring the size of the air conditioner before purchasing the vent. The width of the air conditioner must be the same as the width of the air conditioner unit. If it is too large, it will be awkward to hang on the wall, and if it is too small, it will not support the unit well.

Before purchasing and installing the wall shelf, be sure to take accurate measurements. Doing this in the first place can save you time, energy and money.

  1. Incorrect installation

Every time the air sealing machine is installed, everything must be placed and installed correctly to work properly. Unfortunately, this will not happen all the time.

Common mistakes made in this process usually involve placing too high or too low, and in some cases, the railing is completely inappropriate.

Inserting the air conditioning unit into the air-conditioning curb is a very complicated process, requiring professionals not only to ensure the safety of your unit, but also to ensure the safety of pedestrians near your home.

Suppose your house is on the 2nd or 3rd floor of a building, and your vents are loosely installed. Due to improper installation, your air rim is more likely to fall in the future, injuring or injuring any landing gear.

When installing, please be sure to ask a professional air-conditioning service company or a licensed air-conditioning installer or you to complete it.

  1. Use incorrect installation equipment

Like most electrical accessories, air edges need suitable equipment to install them, otherwise they will not be stable enough to support your air conditioner. This is why the air-conditioning company you choose must be a reputable company that uses the right equipment. (Do not install the air railing yourself!)

The right tool, such as a floor ruler, will help you and your air conditioning technician to verify that the wall shelf is placed at the correct angle. In the long run, arbitrary installation without the right tools may be dangerous to your air conditioner.

  1. Do not seek professional services

One of the biggest and most dangerous mistakes made by air-conditioning equipment owners is to assume that they can install the wall shelf correctly. Although it may not look like it, the air-sealing installation is a complicated process. It is strongly recommended that you contact a service professional to perform the installation task for you. At Mastercool Singapore Aircon Servicing , we have an air conditioning technician who will do this for you. For more information, please check our air conditioning installation service.

By choosing a trusted air conditioning service company, you can ensure the quality of service and the safety and longevity of the equipment.