Google Apps: How to run your business

Google Apps, now known as G Suite, is an online office suite that uses cloud computing. Google engineers have developed a complete suite of online software using Gmail as their foundation. This is a great idea. This popular service has attractive pricing (it starts at $6 per month per user).

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Google’s cloud computing brand, G Suite, is Google. Instead of using traditional desktop computing or location-based servers, your data and software can be hosted online (or “in the cloud”) instead.

Three Ways Google Apps can help your business

Maintenance, Upgrade, Investment Free: Google and secondary service providers can take care of power surges, failed hard drives and upgrades while you manage your business.

Total Mobility: Google Apps cloud computing allows you to travel anywhere in the world, or at least leave your office every once in awhile, while still having all your business information at your fingertips. Access to your data and software is possible through an internet connection.

Simple Collaboration: You can easily share files, videos and ideas without having to duplicate emails. Multiple people can simultaneously work on the same file. Different colored cursors will be available so that you can see exactly where each person is. Collaboration is made easy by this feature.

How it works

Google offers a variety of office tools such as email, word processing and spreadsheets. These tools are available online. G Suite is different from traditional software because it integrates with Google’s primary services. Google only offers core services. However, all other tools are available in the Google Marketplace. Users can choose and select as they wish. Many of the top online service providers have partnered with them, including Xero and Copper. Some of these apps are free while others require a trial period or limit the number of users to be eligible for free. These applications often charge a monthly fee after the trial expires.

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Cloud computing is by its very nature allows for complex collaboration between colleagues, clients, outsourcers, and clients. When a colleague is added, they can view and edit documents stored online. By creating shared folders, you can control who has access to which documents.

This feature is secure and prevents you from making multiple copies of the exact same document. This feature also helps to prevent a cluttered inbox that can be used for proposals or projects.

It’s Popular – Why?

Google and their service partners are responsible for everything. This includes all maintenance on hardware and software. Users have only one task: to use the software and make money. You don’t need an office tech man or a large room to house your servers.

Users can collaborate more easily and with less confusion because it is easy to use. It costs less than other options, ranging between $6 per user per monthly to $25 per user per year.

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Who is using it?

Google Apps are used by over 2 million companies, from the City of Los Angeles to Avago Technologies (a billion-dollar-giant) with more than 4100 users. Google, which has more than 20,000 employees, uses G Suite.

Some Interesting Features

Domain-based service allows users to have unique Web addresses for each service. For example, the mail program would be located at It is easy to remember, and it can be branded with your domain.

You can also link your Microsoft Office programs with Google Docs online using an app. You can continue working as usual, but your documents will be backed up online so they are accessible to everyone in your group.

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Getting Started

Apps can be set up in less than an hour. After a few hours playing around with the tools, you will be able to choose which one to use and how they function. These tutorials are simple and clear. There is no need to install anything. Just create your account and you are good to go.