Is a career in manufacturing a good idea?

If you’re looking for a new career, then there’s no better industry to consider than manufacturing. It may not seem too thrilling, but it’s an industry with great advancement prospects and great job security. With the UK unemployment rate hitting high numbers and many industries under-performing due to the pandemic, many people are looking for a job that provides them with a job they don’t have to worry about. As the government have suggested many existing workers retrain, and the usual group of fresh-faced young people looking to enter the workforce, careers in manufacturing might be the way forward.

So, what makes manufacturing such a great career move for anyone from seasoned professionals to new members of the workforce? Here are RNA automation’s top 5 reasons for choosing a career in manufacturing.

  1. The manufacturing industry needs workers

At the start of the pandemic, the government designated manufacturing as essential. However, despite being essential workers, manufacturing workers are in high demand. Like many STEM fields, manufacturing struggles to consistently draw in new talent. The lack of new employment prospects in the workforce (combined with baby boomers and Gen X’s retiring) means that there is not only a huge skill gap but also big employment gaps.

This inability to attract young employment prospects is partially due to a lack of awareness of the advantages and opportunities available within the manufacturing industry. It can also be put down to many people being unaware of just how many jobs there are within the industry. There are jobs in manufacturing from design and development to sales and HR. There really is something for everyone.

If you’re not sold yet, it’s important to know that the manufacturing industry offers some of the most attractive apprenticeship opportunities available. With many companies offering degree apprenticeships where the cost of education is covered and a very competitive salary is paid, there are many options out there for those who are worried about university debt or unsure what to do about further education.

  1. You’ll always be learning

Manufacturing could be the perfect career path for you if you love to always be ahead of the curve and you love to learn and stay ahead of the curve. The manufacturing industry is always innovating and changing,  and with this comes the chance to always be intellectually engaged and stimulated.

As stated, many businesses offer incredible apprenticeship programs, but the manufacturing industry’s focus on training is more than that. There is a big emphasis on internal and external training in the manufacturing industry – whether you want to work in sales, HR, within factories… the opportunities are endless.

Manufacturing is also an industry with a very long and proud history of always trying to promote internally alongside bringing in new talent, so you can be sure that if you work hard you’ll always be rewarded.

With constant innovation comes endless opportunities for learning.

  1. The manufacturing industry is always evolving

With a huge array of modern jobs out there and most young people in search of something exciting and glamorous, it’s understandable that manufacturing is seen as something outdated. Careers in manufacturing are seen as something left over from the industrial revolution, something that should be done by robots now… but this couldn’t be further from the truth (and there already are a lot of robots!). Imagination and innovation is what drives the industry to always improve and push forward ground breaking new products.

When new technology in every field enters the market, it’s already passed through manufacturing and development. Manufacturing has a hand in every industry, from pharmaceuticals to aerospace to healthcare. You could be a member of the team that develops a collaborative robot that can perform intricate surgeries completely solo, or develops the next spaceship, or a future vaccine, or game consoles.

  1. Great job security

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a great sense of uncertainty within almost every industry. Many people are searching for jobs that will allow them a greater sense of security than their previous jobs, and many people newly joining the workforce will be mindful of getting a job that provides them with this.

Manufacturing must carry on no matter what – which is why manufacturing was allowed to continue during the pandemic. This is why a career in manufacturing can offer this sense of security that so many are looking for. Even in the most uncertain times, manufacturing must go on, and manufacturing jobs are always being created.

  1. You’ll stay healthy

Keeping your brain working hard is important in order to be satisfied in your job. The mental health benefits that come along with being mentally engaged with your job, as well as feeling secure and satisfied, cannot be overstated.

Along with the mental health benefits that come with keeping your brain working and feeling secure, a career in manufacturing will definitely help you to stay on top of your physical health too. Many of our modern day health risks stem from a sedentary pace of life. Being seated behind a desk from 9-5 for 5 days a week is a part of this. Being active during your work day will decrease your chance of these health risks – and a job in manufacturing ensures constant activity and a fast-paced day.

If you’re looking for a career that allows you constant learning and training opportunities, great chances for progression, and job security, it’s time to start looking into a career in manufacturing.