The Big List of Home Business Ideas

Exercise Class Instructor

You could work as a freelance instructor and teach classes for different organizations. If you are looking to expand beyond your “home business”, you can also open your own franchise (see #24).

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  • Make a better mousetrap
  • Patent the idea you have, then create a business from it. It is possible.

Home baking

Selling your baked goods is a great idea if they are the talking point of the party. Although the laws vary from one state to another, you will need a “cottage license” to allow it to be a home-based company. While cute cupcakes are popular, you can make any homemade product. cookies, bread, jams, cakes.


You can start a catering business from your home. However, you need to be careful about how small your first event is. You will need to obtain approval from your local authorities.

Give Lessons

Which skill are you an expert in? Knitting, piano, tennis, violin? Consider teaching private lessons to children and adults if you have a skill that others may be interested in learning.

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Social Media Consultant

Social media is always changing and many small businesses (and large ones) don’t have time or the inclination to keep up. This creates a niche market that can grow and expand for those who have the skills to capitalize on it.

Graphic Design

To start a desktop publishing company, you need more than just graphic design skills. To show potential clients, you will need a business plan as well as a portfolio.

Sell stock art

This could be a way for you to monetize your graphic design or photography business, or even a standalone business. People will buy your work if it is quality. You can upload your work online and buyers can pay a fee to download it.

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You can either start an in-home tutoring company or become an online tutor if you have teaching experience. While the former requires some networking to build a client base; the latter doesn’t. Combining both is a great way to make extra money as you build your client base.

  • Working in Child Care
  • You can start a home-based childcare company by babysitting or opening an in-home daycare.
  • Direct Selling/Network Marketing

Multi-level marketing and direct selling companies like MaryKay, Tupperware, Avon, MaryKay are very popular home businesses that can be scaled to suit the individual’s needs.

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Crafts business

To start your own business selling arts and crafts, you need more than just an artistic flair. You must first be good at what your craft is, and then you need to learn how to market it online or in person. These resources will help you decide if this is the right path for you.